Couldn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t get Blogger to work in Internet Explorer. Still can’t. But it is working with Firefox. Go figure. Maybe Google (Blogger’s parent company) finally took its first step against Redmond (home of Microsoft). Now that I’m not working on Ten Manipulations every spare moment, I hope to get back to the one-post-or-more-per-day routine.


What I was working on yesterday was tidying up the popular post on Making the Indie Musical. I fixed the picture so that it isn’t compressed smaller, amplified the text and added a link to some new press about Jeremy Osbern’s Air. For anyone who wants to truly follow a movie-in-production blog (until I get something else rolling) visit Osbern’s production company’s website: Through a Glass Productions.

Read more…Also, I got an e-mail from John Carmello (JC), the producer who works with Brett Bagenstose (BB), the director Ernest had been lobbying to bring in on Ten Manipulations. Here it is:


Just wanted to make sure you know Brett and I made the trip [from Pennsylvania] in a good-faith effort to help the project along. Your silence that day tells me that this problem between you two had probably been there for a long time, though. I wish we had gotten involved at an earlier time– perhaps those differences between you and Ernest would not have become so contentious. Collaboration can be very taxing…

If you have second thoughts, I would still like to help things along. If not, best of luck on this and future projects.

John Carmello

A nice guy. I dare say he was as disappointed as I was that it turned out to be such a contentious meeting. Here is what I wrote him back, cc’ing Brett:


I really thought with 9.9 I had delivered a draft that we could all get behind. Ernest came out of nowhere with all these story changes and that rewrite — which I still could’ve worked through, but he had just gotten you and Brett and Nick involved, which made for extreme confusion. I feel bad for you guys that he brought you into that.

I can’t continue in good conscience with the story as Ernest envisions it. I reached my limit in terms him changing his mind and being unspecific with his script notes. If you want to make the movie, far be it from me to stop you. I still own the script but I told Ernest I’d option it to him on favorable terms if he really wants to continue with the project.

Collaboration’s a bitch and I feel like Ernest and I just aren’t compatible. We gave it a fair shot. I have a pretty thick skin as a writer and work very hard to be open to new ideas — but there was a right way and a wrong way to bring you guys in — and marginalizing me with a pseudo script draft right before the meeting was a very poor way to do it.

Best of luck to you on whatever projects you pursue,


A bit sour-grapey, I admit. But I’m still quite upset about Ernest’s insulting phone call and subsequent unauthorized rewrite.

Brett chimed in as follows:

Hi John

I had no idea you guys were having such heated discussions over the film. I guess it’s better this way if you both had entirely different viewpoints on the direction the script should take. Just so you know, in my opinion neither draft was complete and I was/am just trying to help a vision come to fruition. Whom wrote which version is unimportant to me, I just wanted to add my opinion into the mix – as I was asked too.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.

Take care


So two nice guys — even if we didn’t see eye to eye on how to tell this story. I thought Ernest (and Brandon) and I were seeing eye to eye on it. We probably could’ve brought John and Brett into the collective vision if that collective vision hadn’t been shattered. Still no word on whether they are continuing with the project, or even whether Ernest is continuing with it. I’m going to meet with Brandon soon, so maybe he’ll know something.