movie making means finding good producers

Exciting day yesterday. Ernest called me in the morning to say he’d found someone to help us incorporate and raise money. I didn’t catch the name, but if it is as good as he makes it sound — well, it’s as good as he makes it sound.

Then, took a lunch meeting with producer friend MS. He’s on board and was able to sketch up a reasonable budget for shooting on 24p. He’s looking into the SAG experimental contract and what the costs and rules are with that. Since Ernest is SAG, this’ll have to be a SAG shoot.

He also had made some calls and found out the movie is not eligible for the big new tax credit the mayor has been tooting his horn about. That only applies to films shooting on a soundstage — which we don’t want to do anyway. Our aesthetic is more De Sica than Cinecitta.

Over the holiday break:

  • Must polish up d9 and send it out to everyone who has waited so patiently
  • Must have a detailed scene breakdown
  • Must use scene breakdown to start filling in the finer points of the budget
  • Must draw up documents of incorporation
  • Must relax