UPDATE: We are still looking for a producer or producers. Any amount of business knowledge plus a passion for movies will get you in the door. Pay is negotiable, as are profit points. Our goal is to make something that could get into Sundance or a comparable film festival and leave with distribution. Besides Sundance being a lot of fun (I’ve been there), there is a good possibility we’ll be dealing with some name actors. But you’re not interested in the glamour. You’ll do it because you love films, and because you’d like to make a name for yourself — projected ten feet tall around the world!

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Today’s Meeting

After going through the small business packet sent to us by the state of New York, we decided that we need to bring in someone with a knowledge of finance and basic business. We figured we can find someone at NYU’s excellent (by reputation at least) Stern school of business. So we drew up a little advert:


Know film finance? Willing to learn it?

Tisch grads seek help starting small biz

for purposes of making feature film.

For More Info

Check out Making the Movie Blog at www.grandviewdv.com/makingthemovie


Email “john_ott” at-sign “hotmail.com”

with the subject line “Producer”

The plan is for Ernest to post this at Stern. Then we play it by ear, depending on who contacts us and how much experience they have. Our ideal would be somebody who can take on the bulk of dealing with money all through the production, but the minimum we need is someone with the savvy to negotiate launching a small business in the shark-infested waters of New York City.


Small business info for making the independent movie