Despite Ernest being under the weather, we had a great high-energy rehearsal. Ernest brought in Frank Boyd, who did a great job reading SAND in our first read-thru. We also had a special guest appearance by Irene Keng, who was recruited to join us at the last minute and, not missing a beat, did some terrific scenework.

During the first part of the rehearsal, Frank read BRUCE against Irene’s NICOLE. Then Brandon and Ernest jumped in so we could read the pivotal dinner scene from the first ten pages. It’s when CHARLIE and CHERRELLE are on a double-date with DON and AVERY. This is the first time CHERRELLE has met DON and AVERY, and the first time CHARLIE has seen his old friends in a while. The more they read it and started tossing in small improvised lines, the more real it felt. I’m convinced the scene is a winner — funny but still laying all the essential groundwork.

Ernest Waddell Brandon O. Scott John Ott
Ernest Brandon Me (John)

Frank Boyd
Frank Irene

Extended post with pictures from today’s rehearsal.