A cell phone film festival:

Joe Miale, a director and entrant in the film festival, believes the most important factor in crafting films for cell phones is being able to tell a quick story.

“You’re not going to make a short film that is character-based. It would be more caricature-based,” Miale said. “It’s going to have to be like a commercial, like a really short punch line kind of a film.”

More than a hundred filmmakers are expected to enter and compete for prizes including a week’s stay at a posh Philippine island golf resort. And anyone hoping to be among the 50 or 60 artists whose films are chosen to run during the festival will have to realize the visual limitations of a 2-inch screen.

“You can’t have a really, really wide shot, where you’re this really tiny person standing in a desert,” Miale said. “From a director’s standpoint, you’d probably shoot things that were visually simple. You probably wouldn’t want to shoot a war scene.”

Sounds like instant classics. For now, my money is on the text-message novel.